Cyber Security Institute

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Most Enterprises Worldwide Hit by Cyber Attack in 2009

Enterprises are well aware of growing security threats to their organizations, but so far have lacked the resources and staff to deal with increasingly sophisticated and malicious cyber attacks, according to Symantec’s latest “State of Enterprise Security” study.  The telephone survey conducted in January contacted 2,100 businesses and government agencies in 27 countries and found that 100 percent of them had experienced cyber losses of some type in the past year.  The top three reported losses were theft of intellectual property, theft of customer credit card information or other financial information that resulted in monetary loss in 92 percent of instances.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

FTC warns 100 organisations over leaked P2P data

More than 100 organisations guilty of allowing private data to leak on P2P networks have received warning letters from US consumer watchdog the Federal Trade Commission.  Customer and biz data turning up on Torrents.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Criminals Hide Payment-Card Skimmers Inside Gas Station Pumps

Criminals hid bank card-skimming devices inside gas pumps—in at least one case, even completely replacing the front panel of a pump—in a recent wave of attacks that demonstrate a more sophisticated, insidious method of stealing money from unsuspecting victims filling up their gas tanks.  The scam was first discovered when a California bank’s fraud department discovered that multiple bank card victims reporting problems had all used the same gas pump at a 7-Eleven store in Utah.


Next generation firewall software introduced by Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks is to launch next generation firewall software to enable finer-grained control over business and Web 2.0 applications.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Computer Jargon Baffles Users, Hinders Security

Faced with such gobbledegook, many of the world’s nearly 2 billion Internet users conclude that security is for “experts” and fail to take responsibility for the security of their own patch of cyberspace—a potentially costly mistake.  That was the message from cyber experts who met this week to work out how to protect computer users from the growing problem of online theft, fraud, vandalism, abuse and espionage.


Spike In Power Grid Attacks Likely In Next 12 Months

Attacks against the power grid are likely to rise and intensify during the next 12 months as smart grid research and pilot projects advance, according to utility security experts and a recently published report that analyzes threats to critical infrastructure.  The so-called Project Grey Goose Report on Critical Infrastructure points to state and/or non-state sponsored hackers from the Russian Federation of Independent States, Turkey, and China as the main threats to targeting and hacking into energy providers and other critical infrastructure networks.