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Friday, December 03, 2010

To Improve Security, Get Your DAM Info Into SIEM

Database activity monitoring (DAM) and security information and event management (SIEM) technologies historically have worked separately.  To gain a comprehensive view of the activity in the database and its surrounding environs, organizations need to feed their DAM information into a SIEM tool, analysts and other observers advise.  “If all a customer is doing is trying to monitor a database, then clearly there isn’t a lot of leverage in using SIEM for that use case,” says Mike Rothman, analyst with Securosis.


Lost Laptops Cost Companies Billions, Study Says

A new survey shows U.S. businesses and other organizations are losing billions of dollars due to lost and stolen laptop computers.  But two-thirds of the organizations surveyed do not take advantage of even basic security practices, such as encryption, backup, and anti-theft technologies, the study says.  “The Billion Dollar Lost-Laptop Study,” conducted by Intel and the Ponemon Institute, analyzed the scope and circumstances of missing laptop PCs.