Cyber Security Institute

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Incident Response Newsalert - 2019-08-18

Table of Contents

  • Security warning for software developers: You are now prime targets for phishing attacks 
  • [Infographic] Nations and Hackers Unleash Destructive Malware! 
  • Why Modernizing Security is Like Visiting a Fast-Food Restaurant 
  • The Mainframe Is Seeing a Resurgence. Is Security Keeping Pace? 
  • The Ins and Outs of SOC for MSSPs and MSPs 
  • Demisto & Uptycs: Orchestrating Incident Response Activities 
  • Secureworks Unveils 24/7 Threat Detection and Response Service 
  • IBM: Average Destructive Attacks Costs Over $200 Million 
  • Cylance report looks into questionable pentesting practices 
  • Nmap 7.80 released: A mature Npcap Windows packet capturing driver, 11 new NSE scripts 
  • NTT Security partners with Europol to bolster Threat Intelligence 
  • ConnectWise Identifies MSP Security Holes Through Risk Assessments 
  • Stronger as One: IronNet Expands the Power of Collective Defense to Organizations of All Sizes