Cyber Security Institute

Monday, June 24, 2013

Cyber-retaliation: How security is becoming a priority for the Middle East

Although Arabic music in the UAE is popular, with so many expats living in the country Abu Dhabi and Dubai have become mainstay slots in bands’ international tours, with artists such as the Stone Roses, Metallica, Bruno Mars, Guns n’ Roses and Kanye West having played here so far this year. In April, the analyst group IDC reported that in the Middle East, a lack of adherence to IT security policies by employees was the number one challenge faced by IT professionals, followed by the threat of increasingly sophisticated attacks. The analysts said that with the combined growth of mobile devices used in the workplace that require securing, the increasing sophistication of threats and the (albeit it slow when compared to Europe and the US) growth of cloud services, organisations in the region are beginning to change their security strategy, turning to managed security services. The amount of money spent on IT security is growing at 15 percent a year, IDC said, and in some cases, companies are spending big to protect their networks.