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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

A new series of blog posts on Crisis Response
Now your are going to think that this is a strange thing to say but I like a good crisis.  You’re immediate reaction could be “What!”
But when I refer to a good crisis, I am thinking of those that quickly protect, recover, and that the lessons learnt are really valuable for the future. 
So I am going publish a couple of blog posts a week on my perspective on how to run an effective incident response team.
[PS: My bad, user registration is working now.. thank you to you know who you are, for letting me know.]

I have been through a quite few crisis with large and small organizations and I hope that these posts will help IT teams protect their people, the world and the businesses.

Why would I write a set of blog entries about crisis response? Well to be honest, I am hoping that I can generate business opportunities, and also create a online resource of information about this very important capability.  I have searched across the web and found very few sites dedicated to this subject. Yes, you can find information on disaster response but I think organizations are facing few disasters (hopefully), but probably everyone has a couple of crises a year. 

So let’s start.  For me, crisis response is an operational capability that needs to exercised frequently,  as opposed to once a year. It goes beyond the traditional world of viruses and hack attacks.  It’s something that can be leveraged to help an IT organization with it’s daily activities, not just when things are going wrong.

Hopefully, you will find this information useful. 

And if you want to provide feedback, I have a forums section just for crisis response.  No person is an island and it is only through sharing of knowledge and experience, that we evolve.

Now, I have become a bit of a pain when it comes to posting. I need you register and I promise not to share your email with anyone else. I will also sometimes check to see whether the person registering is really a professional.  And I won’t use the email for any marketing or profiteering. If you want to talk business with me, contact me.

Thanks Paul