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Monday, April 22, 2013

BAE Systems Detica unveils CyberReveal security alert service for private firms

BAE Systems Detica has launched what it calls a defence-grade cyber security product, CyberReveal, to the commercial marketplace for the first time, targeting large financial services (FS), retail and other customers with their own internal security analysts.   It can also be used as a managed services product to alert smaller firms about impending security threats if they have the money to afford on-going fees and prefer this model to an upfront capital expenditure.

The new CyberReveal analytics and investigation product is designed to give internal IT security analysts a single view of existing cyber threats so they can protect intellectual property and sensitive commercial or customer banking data information from being stolen or compromised and to cut investigation times by up to 75%, claims BAE Systems Detica.

It gives internal anti-fraud bank analysts and other end users a single view of network activity across their whole IT estate, detecting attacks by their behaviour - not just by the signatures of previous attacks - so that distributed denial of service (DDOS) attacks can be prevented or customer data protected from identity threat attempts.

It is designed to help analysts protect their FS organisation faster, driving more value by integrating with existing infrastructure and security systems, with plug-in analytics packs also providing cost-effective protection to combat evolving threats and new threat vectors.

Commenting on the new launch, Martin Sutherland, managing director of BAE Systems Detica, said: “Commercial organisations are growing ever more concerned about securing their most valuable [data] assets - the larger the organisation, the greater the number of avenues for cyber attackers to exploit. CyberReveal addresses four key areas where traditional approaches are proving ineffective against the modern cyber threat – it helps analysts to prioritise the incidents they investigate, manage huge data volumes, evolve their defences, and enable quicker, more informed decision-making.”



Posted on 04/22