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Monday, October 18, 2010

CA Technologies Revamps Cloud Automation Suite

CA Technologies revamped and relaunched its CA Automation Suite for virtualized dynamic cloud computing environments, CA said Oct. 18.  The new CA Automation Suite features two new products and enhancements to four other products, including The CA Server Automation, CA Virtual Automation, CA Client Automation and CA Workload Automation.  CA realigned the automation suite with its overall cloud portfolio of products that automate, integrate and standardize the provisioning and nagement of physical, virtual and cloud resources, CA said.  The revamp will make the product line more visible to customers, said Ryan Shopp, senior director of product marketing of the Virtualization and Automation group at CA Technologies.  The refreshed automation suite is more business service-centric, so that IT managers can look at the application and know what it does and who it’s for, according to Shopp.

For example, an IT administrator would be able to guess CA Client Automation’s functionality based on the name, as opposed to the previous generally-named CA IT Client Manager, he said.  When additional modules are “plugged in” at a later date, the applications automatically detect and share data, making it very scalable, said Shopp.

CA Process Automation documents, automates and orchestrates a range of processes across platforms, applications and IT groups, CA said.
CA Configuration Automation identifies and standardizes device configurations and tracks cross-device dependencies, CA said.

The enhancements to existing products include new hypervisor support and management tools for public, private and hybrid clouds.

CA Client Automation integrates and automates a wide range of client device management tasks such as bare metal buildups and rebuilds, patch management, Windows 7 migration, and remote desktop support, CA said.  The enhancements include dynamic management of mixed workloads for virtualized resources, the ability to schedule workloads in public couds such as Amazon EC2, and the ability to manage, monitor and troubleshoot business workloads.  These stand-alone modules are also available in three preintegrated packages aligned with specific business services: hybrid clouds, Cisco UCS and data centers.

Posted on 10/18