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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Cloud Performance: A Bigger Stumbling Block than Security?

If you are like dozens of CIOs and IT leaders we interviewed in our recently concluded cloud research, your top concerns in adopting the public cloud would revolve around data privacy, security, availability, lock-in, and performance.  Your cloud provider may have built the newest, shiniest, greenest and the most secure and highly available data center.  All that would come to naught if your Internet access goes down or if your Internet connection slows down to a crawl!  Certainly your cloud provider is not going to guarantee the performance or availability of the public Internet.  Perhaps you can work with your Internet Service Provider to obtain higher-SLA Internet connectivity or perhaps you could procure a redundant Internet connection (which could increase the complexity of your network infrastructure).

In fact, president and CMO of Apparent Networks Jim Melvin called the fact that cloud computing providers can’t or won’t take responsibility for network performance issues once information leaves their data center “one of the big stumbling blocks for the growth of cloud computing in general.”

With the increasing use of SaaS applications and accelerating cloud storage demands driven by users out on the “edge” of your network, the WAN pipe to the Headquarters is increasingly getting clogged.

In addition to edge caching (which will only be helpful for large bulk data transfers but not for live, dynamic, chatty traffic), what may be needed is a dynamic scaling up of edge servers to meet edge user demands in real time.

Posted on 05/26