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Monday, October 03, 2005

Compliance? What’s That?

The majority of information security executives range from ambivalent (at best) to downright dismissive (at worst) about the intentions, effect and pertinence of security regulations.
Is it the comparatively low number of respondents who are in compliance?  Or the shockingly high number of respondents who cop to not complying even though they know that they have to?  Just 11 percent of respondents said they needed to be in compliance with California’s SB 1386 law, which mandates that companies report breaches of personal data to consumers.

Here are two theories, both of which probably play some role: One, the regs are confusing and difficult to comply with.

Companies don’t fear any serious repercussions for not complying with the regulations, either because the mandates are too vague to really be enforced, or the regulatory agencies aren’t devoting resources to enforcement.

Supporting the “lack of teeth” theory is the fact that only a third of respondents reported having compliance testing in place, and only a quarter link their security organization to the compliance group.

Lobel offers a third factor: “There’s just a lot of regs for these guys to deal with.”

Posted on 10/03