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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Email Looms as IT Threat

Yet that’s what turned up in a survey of 1,043 email users conducted by a the Association for Information and Image Management, which calls itself the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) association (an example of what happens when you seek to modernize your name but still own a longstanding brand and URL).  For respondents in companies of all sizes, formal policies govern things like acceptable employee use of email systems, acceptable content of messages, mailbox size, and a company’s ownership of the email.  Just 30 percent of respondents said they had any email encryption policy in place, and 37 percent had a policy for instant messaging—this despite 61 percent of respondents reporting concern about theft of confidential info or intellectual property via email.

What emerges from all this is far from the landscape described by email management vendors, in which organizations are eager to adopt technology to sort and save important email.

When it comes to archiving email, nearly 60 percent of respondents said they save email as part of regular backup.  Just 3 percent reported outsourcing email archiving.

“As anyone who has gone through an e-discovery process can attest, finding and producing relevant emails from back-up is not the same as producing them from an archive in which the content is based on the subject and relevance of the email.”

According to the Radicati Group consultancy, the volume of email that the average corporate user sends and/or receives every day will grow 30 percent within the next four years, from 16.4 Mbytes in 2006 to 21.4 Mbytes per day in 2010.  And unless companies start taking action, Mancini implies, they’ll be risking both their ability to produce relevant proof for compliance or litigation, but also their ability to benefit from increased use of email.

Posted on 10/11