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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

EMC Boosts Security Level of Network Analysis Software

EMC officials Dec. 13 unveiled EMC Smarts IP Availability Manager 7.0 and EMC Smarts Service Assurance Manager 7.0 software—-products the company says bring heightened levels of security and cross-domain support for managing IT and service provider environments.  Smarts IP Availability Manager automates real-time root-cause analysis of critical network connectivity layers, including network-attached storage connectivity. Its impact analysis is designed to distill thousands of simultaneous events into a few root-cause problems.

This new support gives users two layers of security, providing full encryption of packets as well as full encryption and authentication for polling and discovery.

With IP Tagging, users can better handle overlapping IP addresses in both IP and MPLS environments, company officials said.

“The EMC Smarts architecture allows us to integrate all of our siloed management systems, including in-house-developed systems, into one correlation console,” said John Premus, Chief Technology Officer JRI America in a statement.

“Of all the solutions tested, we found that only EMC Smarts software provides the levels of business logic necessary, without forcing us to write complex rules to capture every possible scenario,” Premus said.

Further upgrades include enriched support for key management environments like MPLS, and wider integration with system and application instrumentation solutions.,1895,2072196,00.asp?kc=EWSTEEMNL121406EOAD

Posted on 12/13