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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Enterprise study reveals Wi-Fi Deployment Trends and Plans

The 2006 Webtorials “WLAN State-of-the-Market” report is hot off the virtual press, and it reveals a slew of trends and even a few surprises.  The report is the third annual Webtorials report based on end-user research about WLAN deployments, attitudes, and experiences.

This year’s report was sponsored by Aruba Wireless Networks.  Wi-Fi, it turns out, is high on the “clout” list in enterprises.  It tied with VPNs as the network technology (both wired and wireless) of top importance to enterprises over the next 18 months, both garnering a 5.6 aggregate score of importance out of a possible 7.

Wi-Fi has been now deployed in user offices and cubicles in 62% of the respondents’ companies.

And, not surprisingly, but valuable to verify, the primary architecture wars have pretty well been resolved: Nearly half the respondents said they are using or are likely to use thin access points (AP) with a controller for centralized management and security, compared to just 33% saying so last year.

Correspondingly, plans to use intelligent stand-alone APs with no centralized controller dropped by six percentage points over last year, and plans to use stand-alone APs with some centralized management decreased by about 7%.

Posted on 08/01