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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Enterprises use freeware to beat cyber-spies

Freeware application SpyBot Search & Destroy is the most popular anti-spyware tool used by Australian enterprises, according to a report on the domestic security market by analyst firm Frost & Sullivan.  Commenting on the Australian Information Security Satisfaction Monitor (AISSM) study, its author, Frost & Sullivan security analyst James Turner, said although the result was unusual, he was not surprised that a freeware application could take first spot in such an important area of security.  In second place came Ad-Aware, an anti-spyware application that is available as both a free version for personal use as well as an enterprise version, which costs around US$28 per user per year.  Turner admitted that the survey did not ask which version of Ad-Aware was being used by enterprises but said he was surprised that Symantec’s anti-spyware products could still compete sufficiently—even though the basic Hosted Mail Security product costs around US$42 per user—to be placed third.

The AISSM report also revealed that Australian enterprises are under attack from both internal and external threats.  According to the report, 57 percent of respondents said they found spyware installed on multiple computers; 22 percent revealed that they have discovered at least one illegitimately installed keylogger on their system, which Turner describes as ‘mindblowing’.,2000061744,39237993,00.htm

Posted on 02/14