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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Global malicious websites increase by 600%

Year-over-year, the number of malicious web-based attacks increased by nearly 600 percent, according to Websense Security Labs. The timed, targeted nature of these advanced threats indicates a new breed of sophisticated attacker who is intent on compromising increasingly higher-yield targets. The United States of America, Russia and Germany were the top three countries hosting malware.  Meanwhile, the Bahamas made its debut into the list of top five countries hosting phishing sites, with a second place ranking. China, the United States of America and Russia were the top three countries hosting command and control servers.

Only one in five emails were legitimate and email spam increased to 76 percent.

Analysis and news headlines show that multistage attacks with multiple vectors have challenged security capabilities, as they worked to find weak spots and circumvent defenses.  Attacks identified by Websense indicate a need for integration at the actual defense level and deep content security intelligence with real-time security defenses.

When independent solutions are in place, there is no way to ensure that email, web, mobile, social and data loss defenses are each prepared to perform their role to cohesively address an emerging threat.


Posted on 02/13