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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Group of Security Experts Across Multiple Industries Discuss Practical Ways to Leverage Simulated At

Wombat Security Technologies (Wombat), a leading provider of cyber security awareness and training solutions, today released a new report from leading Chief Security Officers (CSOs) and security experts that discusses how simulated phishing attacks can be an effective security awareness and training tactic to help companies educate employees how to avoid growing cyber security threats. This report gathers and analyzes the front line observations of security leaders from the major vertical sectors—such as finance, manufacturing, health, and entertainment—who have used a relatively new approach to user awareness: simulated attack training. The report discusses how practicing CSOs from Fortune 500 companies maximize the strengths and avoid the pitfalls in what can be a controversial, but is a very effective, method of training users to avoid being phished: learning by experience.

“Phishing, and the more targeted and sophisticated spear-phishing, is the weapon of choice for the modern cyber-criminal and is used by the more organized hacker for data and intellectual property theft,” said Perry Carpenter, former security awareness analyst from Gartner who is now working as a security expert in the financial sector. More than anything else, the report shows how simulated attack training can introduce measurement into training—not only is it effective, its effectiveness can be measured and monitored to allow the most cost-efficient training for the highest risk people and topics.



Posted on 04/14