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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Hackers Hit Czech Central Bank, Stock Exchange, Commercial Banks | Fox Business

“It’s only the web page that isn’t working, the hacking does not impact trading as the stock exchange’s web page is not connected to trading platform,” said Jiri Kovarik, spokesman for the Prague Stock Exchange, which is owned by the Vienna Stock Exchange-controlled CEE Stock Exchange Group. The hackers appear to using a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack which inundates servers with digital requests, said Marek Petrus, central bank spokesman. According to available information, the attacks didn’t jeopardizing financial accounts at any of the banks or the stock exchange, Mr.

Komercni Banka AS (BAAKOMB.PR), majority owned by France’s Societe Generale SA (SCGLY), confirmed that several websites belonging to the bank were not functioning.

At the current moment were are intensively working on countermeasures which will enable us to restore services for our clients,” Komercni’s spokeswoman Monika Klucova said.

The Czech Police Wednesday said they are analysing all the cases but at present they are unable to confirm the location of the hackers or provide further details.

On Monday the websites of several of the country’s largest news agencies were hit by hackers, and in that case the agencies said it appeared the hackers were located within the Czech Republic.


Posted on 03/06