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Monday, June 07, 2010

IBM Announces New Offerings to Help Organizations Drive Innovation While Managing Cost and Risk

At the INNOVATE 2010 conference, IBM announced new software and services that help customers design and deliver the advanced products leading the convergence of mechanical, electronic, and digital technologies.  The convergence of physical assets and IT applications requires a new “systems of systems” approach for integrating products and services.  Software-driven innovation across product lines is often challenging if not supported by effective planning, development and collaboration.  Best-in-class product and service companies are those that build a strong competency in systems engineering and software development.  Organizations of the future—along with their partners and customers—must build the competencies to design, deliver and manage products in smarter ways.

Integrated Product Management Offerings: A set of IBM software and hardware offerings and best practices from across the IBM and Business Partner organizations that help design, deliver and subsequently manage the lifecycle of increasingly complex offerings, including product planning, software development, software design chain and asset management.

Flexible, Affordable Software Development: As organizations strive to reduce their capital expenditures and operational expenses, new deployment and licensing models can help them meet these goals.

IBM is providing new cloud test and development offerings, in both private and public environments.

Support for IBM Industry Frameworks and Customized Solutions: To support and extend the new Integrated Product Management initiative, and offer customers continual improvement unique to the challenges of their industries, IBM is investing in new best practices, assets and workbenches optimized to specific industry vertical use cases.

IBM’s Integrated Product Management offerings, based on solutions and software from IBM Rational, provide a holistic environment in which to design and deliver software while sustaining competitive differentiation through continuous innovation.  Today, software development and delivery teams are being asked to respond to changes in the marketplace more quickly—but with fewer resources and mounting pressure to deliver more value.  IBM can help speed innovation with reduced cost and risk by deploying a flexible environment for software design, development and delivery on multiple platforms.

IBM’s new token and term licensing models provide instant flexibility, giving customers access to the right software at the right time during a project, without an abundance of shelfware or the hassle of a new PO or evaluation process.  With tokens, users can quickly move between products as the capabilities are required without needing to calculate the anticipated number of licenses for each product, taking the guesswork out of product usage.

As cloud computing brings an array of options to software development, organizations pilot and prove cloud computing models, and provide the tools to extend cloud offerings into production.  IBM Rational Software delivery services for cloud computing help leverage the cloud to transform software by providing software development and test solutions across multiple platforms, available for private cloud deployments on the IBM Smart Business Development and Test Cloud and as an offering for IBM Smart Business Development and Test on the IBM Cloud.  Specifically Rational has added products and services into the IBM Insurance Industry Framework, the IBM Banking Industry Framework, the Chemicals and Petroleum Integrated Information Framework, and the Service Provider Delivery Environment Framework.

EGL, a business application programming language created by IBM, is designed for developing portable, cross-platform applications and services that can be deployed to the appropriate runtime environments based on the evolving needs of the business.

Posted on 06/07