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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Identity theft prevention is security spending focus

Organisation expect their largest security IT expenditure to be in identity theft and abuse prevention solutions, followed by spending to prevent external threats, unintentional privacy breaches, remote access abuse and spam.  The global survey of over 400 companies with 500 or more employees found that organisations felt they would most likely have to deal with PC theft or loss (54%), spam attack (45%), misuse or hacking (45%), and spying tools (45%) as the most likely security incidents, while external threats (52%), internal intentional misuse (49%), remote access abuse (47%), identity theft (47%), and virus attack (43%) would be the most damaging security incidents.

The survey results raised the issue of companies approaching security on a threat-by-threat basis, according to Dimension Data, and not taking a more holistic view and implementing five major types of security control to secure their organisation.

Dimension Data’s global general manager, security solutions, Neil Campbell commented: “We are concerned that the surveyed organisations are tackling threats reactively, on an ad hoc basis, and without putting some basic security controls in place.  “Given that each new security technology should make the whole greater than the sum of the parts, these decisions will allow organisations to rapidly focus in on appropriate technologies to extend their ecosystem.

Implementing a firewall, intrusion prevention, system security, web content security, and email content security have become a necessity.

Posted on 12/13