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Friday, April 26, 2013

Kingston adds malware scanner to its secure drives

Then there was a bit of a backlash in government circles, with some agencies gluing their USB ports closed to prevent unauthorized devices from connecting because the drives offer a window for malware to enter networks.   In recent years removable media has been at the center of major security events, as a vehicle of infection for the infamous Stuxnet worm and as a data exfiltration vector associated with the Flame virus. The combination extends ClevX DriveSecurity powered by ESET’s proactive portable anti-malware technology to Kingston’s DataTraveler 4000 and DataTraveler Vault Privacy secure USB flash drives.


Today, flash drives are just as convenient as when they were first released, but many also contain high levels of security, which has helped bring them back into government.

“People often carry sensitive personal files on their USB drives, and they often don’t realize that their drive can be infected when plugged into a computer, and then that infection can be transferred to other machines. Together with Kingston and ClevX, we can offer a solution which keeps the contents of USB flash drives safe and malware-free and prevents malware from spreading via removable media.”



Posted on 04/26