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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

LogLogic Announces U.S. Patent for Storage of Raw Log Data

The patented system collects logs from network devices and analyzes and stores the data contained in those logs.  The patent also covers LogLogic’s management console, which allows users to search and run reports on log data.  By acknowledging that LogLogic’s system is unique, the patent recognizes LogLogic’s seminal innovation in the industry and its pioneering first step in advancing log management technology.

When LogLogic was founded in 2002, log management was a nascent technology, and the security and business intelligence contained in logs went largely untapped by businesses.

Logs contain virtually everything that administrators need to know about their networks, their systems and devices that connect to the network.

The business and technology challenge is how to capture the terabytes of raw log data produced each day by the average enterprise data center and, in near real-time, drill down to surface only the most important business information.

Posted on 12/02