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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

LogLogic Simplifies Security Change Management

LogLogic’, the log and security management leader, today announced general availability of the latest release of its LogLogic Security Change Manager appliance that integrates easily with SEM solutions from LogLogic or other vendors as well as third-party CRM and ticketing solutions.

LogLogic’s unique multi-vendor solution leads the industry’s move towards consolidating security event and change management giving customers better security through improved IT infrastructure visibility and control across collaborating teams.

LogLogic’s Security Change Manager is designed to benefit medium to large enterprises, MSSP, ISP and service providers who need to automate security policy management and change management across large or complex networks of routers, firewalls, switches, VPNs and IPSs in homogenous or heterogeneous vendor environments, including Checkpoint, Cisco, Fortinet and Juniper.  A single console can automate the design and implementation of rules for large networks or small networks with complex policies and frequent changes.

“While it is good to identify security incidents using correlation of LogLogic Security Event Manager, it is even better to respond to security incidents and prevent future attacks by rolling out firewall policy changes through pre-defined response plans with LogLogic Security Change Manager,” said Dominique Levin, EVP of Marketing and Strategy, LogLogic.

Research shows that organizations experience more security breaches because of manual errors in routine daily networking management tasks than from any external threat.  LogLogic Security Change Manager automates the often time-consuming and error-prone manual process of designing and generating network security rule changes.

According to Forrester Research’s July 2009 report titled “TechRadar For Security & Risk Professionals: Network Threat Mitigation, Q3 2009”: “PCI DSS Requirement 1.1.6 mandates that firewall and router configurations be reviewed at least every six months.

The latest release of LogLogic Security Change Manager simplifies and improves email notification integration with any third party CRM or ticketing solution, enabling visibility to multi-tiered approval, change request approval and deployment status.

According to Forrester Research’s July 2009 report titled “Market Overview: Firewall Auditing Tools”: “With its acquisition of Exaprotect, LogLogic is the first vendor to directly tie firewall auditing capability into its SIM technology.

LogLogic’s open log management platform enables customers to collect, search and store massive amounts of IT log data from a myriad list of devices and applications for a comprehensive fingerprint of past and current activity, through one convenient, easy-to-use web-based user console.;jsessionid=HQVORXCLBU4A3QE1GHRSKHWATMY32JVN?articleID=219501102

Posted on 09/01