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Monday, January 22, 2007

Malware more compatible with Vista than anti-malware products

Malware writers appear to be much further along in developing malware for Vista than the security industry is in making products to protect the new operating system.  Speaking exclusively to IT PRO, Tim Eades, senior vice-president of sales at security company Sana Security said that 38 per cent of malware is already Vista-compatible.  “Malware writers have gone through the WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Labs) list to make sure that their code works on new machines,” he said.  He said that very few security vendors outside of anti-virus have products ready for the operating system.

However, Paul Brettle, technical manager for Stonesoft said that the long lead time for development of security products was no different to what happened with previous versions.  He said that Microsoft has been much more efficient in getting the product out to third-party providers to enable them to be Vista aware.  “Microsoft has significantly changed several parts of the architecture of Windows for Vista,” said Brettle.  “This has forced many providers of security solutions to completely re-engineer their software to support this change.”

Posted on 01/22