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Monday, August 07, 2006

McAfee Releases 5.0

McAfee unveiled two new offerings as part of its security risk management portfo McAfee® Foundstone® Enterprise 5.0, a comprehensive priority-based vulnerability management solution, and McAfee Preventsys™ Compliance Auditor and Risk Analyzer both allow companies to automate the manually intensive process of reporting security compliance.

With McAfee Foundstone Enterprise 5.0, companies can easily prioritize and rank their highest-value business assets then identify their most critical security vulnerabilities and the threats which could exploit them.  The merging of compliance with risk management at the enterprise level is shifting the focus from just identifying vulnerabilities and configuration holes to understanding the total impact of threats, vulnerabilities, and configuration errors on critical assets.  Customers can now take in Foundstone data and “link” corporate security policies and standards to specific Foundstone checks to ensure business policy objectives are being adhered to across the network.

McAfee Preventsys Compliance Auditor supports centralized auditing across all aspects of policy: process, procedure and technical controls, which provides a consistent way to reduce the costs associated with demonstrating security compliance.

Posted on 08/07