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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Microsoft Delays By a Year Delivery of Two New Patching Systems

Microsoft is delaying by a full year two of its four software patching/upgrade systems, company officials told those attending the worldwide partner conference here.

Microsoft’s Windows Update Services (WUS), the product formerly known as Software Update Services (SUS) 2.0, is now due to ship by mid-2005, rather than mid-2004.  And the new Microsoft Update (MU) Service, a new patching system designed to provide fixes to not only Windows, but also Office, SQL Server, Exchange Server and other core Microsoft products, also is now due out by mid-2005, a year later than anticipated.

Microsoft officials said at the partner show that SP2 will be released to manufacturing in August, and be available to consumers over the course of the next few weeks and months via download, CD and preload on new PCs.

Nash said Microsoft is not planning to phase out any of these mechanisms any time soon.  Microsoft’s patching systems/services are crucial to its customers.

In addition to delivering Microsoft’s monthly bundle of patches/fixes to users, they also are the vehicle via which Microsoft rolls out impromptu patches for viruses, worms and other malware.,1995,1622941,00.asp?kc=MWRSS02129TX1K0000535

Posted on 07/13