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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mobile malware attacks grow 614% in year to March - study

Attacks on mobile devices increased 614 percent between March 2012 and March 2013, compared to 155 percent growth a year earlier, according to Juniper Networks. Nearly 73 percent of malware are Fake Installers or SMS Trojans, which exploit holes in the nascent mobile payment systems. These threats either trick users or secretly send text messages to premium numbers set up by attackers to turn a quick profit.

The Juniper Networks Mobile Threats Centre (MTC) identified more than 500 third-party “alternative” app stores globally where our researchers found mobile malware. They are also quite popular for device users who “jailbreak” or root their phones, and are looking for pirated or unsanctioned apps. Of these alternative app stores, three out of five are in China or Russia, markets infamous for malware.

The Juniper Networks Mobile Threats Centre (MTC) is studying the types of permissions users are required to give to apps in order to install them. Building on that research, Juniper found was an increase in the number of permissions required with free applications much more likely to ask for large amounts of information.



Posted on 06/26