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Monday, May 05, 2008

More April malware trends

In April 2008, the global ratio of spam in email traffic from new and previously unknown bad sources, was 73.5 percent (1 in 1.36 emails), a decrease of 0.3 percent on the previous month.The global ratio of email-borne viruses in email traffic from new and previously unknown bad sources, was 1 in 218.9 emails (0.46 percent) in April, a decrease of 0.13 percent since the previous month.  April saw an increase of 0.05 percent in the proportion of phishing attacks compared with the previous month.

In April, Hong Kong reclaimed the top-spot from Switzerland as the most spammed country with spam levels reaching 83.7 percent of all email.  Spam levels in the US reached 70.1 percent in April, 75 percent in Canada and 66.2 percent in the UK.

Virus activity fell across almost all regions in April, with the largest decrease in India at 0.69 percent, which takes it out of the top five targeted countries.  Virus levels fell across many industry verticals during April.

Spam levels fluctuated across several industry sectors in April, with Manufacturing remaining the top vertical for spam activity at 82 percent.  The greatest rise was noted in the Accomodation and Catering sector, where spam levels rose by 5.06 percent to 79.5 percent.  Spam levels for the Retail sector were 75 percent, 70.8 percent for Public Sector and 68 percent for Finance.

Posted on 05/05