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Thursday, April 20, 2006

More Internet Threats Expected This Year

According to Trend Micro’s report, called Virus and Spam Roundup 2005 and Predictions for 2006, this year will see more spy phishing and spear phishing on the Internet.  Another prediction for this year is the rise of bots with increased functionality through rootkits and vulnerability exploits, says Trend Micro’s senior technical consultant Chong Yu Nam.  Last year, zombie networks contributed to more than 33 percent of all spam resources, and 65 percent of the top 15 threats included some form of spyware, adware, backdoor, rootkit, and bot systems.

“A botnet is an army of bots, or a bot network, and a bot virus-infected computer is called a zombie.

2005 saw a rise in profit-driven attacks.  These were reflected by phishing, which now represents as much as one percent of the global e-mail traffic and is far more effective than spamming.

Chong believes education and awareness will be the best way to address the rise in such cyber threats, albeit being a long-term strategy.

Posted on 04/20