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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

New Google Service Helps Infected Websites Clean Up

The search giant last month quietly added a new, free service called the Safe Browsing Diagnostic Page that tells whether a site flagged by Google as potentially dangerous is hosting malware, or helps distribute malware, for instance.  The idea is to give owners of the compromised Websites more information to assist in their remediation and cleanup of the site, and to provide users more information on why the site has been flagged.  The search giant’s automatic flagging of potentially risky Websites has been “highly accurate,” according to Niels Provos, senior staff engineer for Google, but it wasn’t easy for Webmasters and users to verify the results.

“Attackers often use sophisticated obfuscation techniques or inject malicious payloads only under certain conditions,” Provos wrote in the Google security blog.

This new resource should help website owners in cleaning and securing their sites faster, which will help protect even more internet users,”’s Erica George wrote in the organization’s blog yesterday.

Provos says the diagnostics page provides the current listing status of a site, as well as whether the site or some of its pages had been listed by Google in the past as dangerous.

Posted on 06/03