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Monday, May 20, 2013

New Security Intelligence Solution, EnCase® Analytics, Unveiled by Guidance Software

  Guidance Software (NASDAQ: GUID), the World Leader in Digital Investigations™, today announced EnCase® Analytics, a complete security intelligence solution that leverages endpoint analytics to produce a clear picture of security risk and exposure to unknown threats. EnCase Analytics focuses on the endpoints (end-user devices and servers) – the targets of threats and where they ultimately hide – and assesses risks and threats with a bird’s-eye view of the activity of every endpoint and server, enterprise-wide. “For those of us on the front-line responsible for catching new, hard-to-detect security threats that bypass the perimeter, time to detection is very important,” said Colby Clark, director of Incident Management for FishNet Security. EnCase Analytics addresses this challenge by delivering a complete security intelligence solution that collects the appropriate data from the enterprise endpoints, assembles it in a security-oriented data structure, and through the use of pre-built and ad-hoc intuitive reports, provides the security analyst with deep insights into lurking threats.

“One of the main goals of big data security analytics is to improve operations and accelerate incident detection/response,” said Jon Oltsik, senior principal analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group. There is a need for solutions to easily discover changes in the system, trends and patterns, and other anomalous behavior that may expose signs of risks and threats.”

With EnCase Analytics, we are leveraging this expertise to empower organizations to derive useful insights from the noise that endpoint data produces,” said Victor Limongelli, chief executive officer, Guidance Software, Inc. “Unlike other endpoint security solutions, EnCase Analytics does not rely on signatures, heuristics or indicators, but instead leverages big data analytics to draw useful connections between seemingly unrelated activities in disparate data types.” EnCase Analytics leverages data from across all your endpoints from the kernel level instead of trusting a compromised operating system, resulting in a repository of the most reliable and useful data for insights into undetected risks and threats.


Posted on 05/20