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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Oracle Promises Security In Fusion But Customers Will Have To Wait

Oracle announced its next steps in its security strategy, disclosing plans to integrate security into its applications line and broaden Secure Enterprise Search.  Oracle has spent a lot of money to ensure it’s taken seriously as a security vendor, buying up a number of access management, identity management, and other security software makers.  At a security strategy briefing Wednesday, Oracle promised to integrate security into the Fusion applications it will make available beginning in 2008.  On the database side, the company offers its Advanced Security Option for data encryption, Database Vault for protecting against insiders seeking to abuse their data access privileges, Label Security for designating data for different levels of security, and Secure Backup for encrypting backup tapes.  Oracle also covers a variety of identity management capabilities, including directory services, authentication, Web-services access control, and single sign-on for multiple applications.

Oracle counts auditing and compliance applications as part of its security arsenal as well.  In fact, compliance has been a big driver of the security business, Thomas Kurian, Oracle’s senior VP of server technology said Wednesday.

“Customers said they want to let their users search like it’s Google but without giving them access to information they shouldn’t see,” Oracle Co-President Charles Phillips said.

For Investors Bank & Trust, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Investors Financial Services Corp. that already makes use of Oracle E-business applications and databases, convenience can’t be overlooked in Oracle’s appeal as a security provider.

Posted on 09/28