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Monday, October 10, 2005

PGP Encrypts BlackBerry Messaging

Encryption specialist PGP Corporation and wireless messaging king Research In Motion (RIM) will bring PGP-secured e-mail to the BlackBerry platform later this year.  PGP Support Package for BlackBerry, developed by RIM, enables enterprises to extend PGP security to individuals who use both laptop/desktop computers and BlackBerry handhelds.  It provides users with sender-to-recipient e-mail security by complementing the wireless transmission security and device protection already a part of the BlackBerry architecture.

The solution runs in conjunction with PGP Universal, a series of products for enterprises, businesses and departments requiring multiple encryption and digital-signature solutions managed from a single console.  With PGP Universal, enterprises deploy one key infrastructure and may later add new encryption capabilities and devices without changing that infrastructure.

PGP support is fully integrated in the BlackBerry user interface (see top image) and provides e-mail encryption, decryption, digital signature, and verification services for e-mail sent from and received on BlackBerry devices.  Users authenticate themselves with their private key passphrase before decrypting or signing e-mail on their BlackBerry.  Outgoing messages are automatically protected according to a centralized policy specified by the PGP Universal administrator.  PGP Universal uses PGP Additional Decryption Key (ADK) capabilities, automated key management and recovery, and automated enrollment and centralized policy management.

PGP VP of marketing Andrew Krcik told SmartPhoneToday PGP Support Package for BlackBerry will be available as part of the BlackBerry handheld 4.1 operating system next month.

It also requires BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Exchange 4.0.2 or Lotus Notes 4.1 and PGP Universal Series 500 plus PGP Desktop 9.0 or PGP Universal Satelite client to run.

Furthermore, Krcik said PGP brought the idea for the solution to RIM because they shared so many customers and it filled a need requested by many enterprises.  “BlackBerry is the overwhelming leader for enterprise mobile messaging.  By providing an integrated PGP Universal and BlackBerry solution, we address a strategic requirement of our joint customers,” according to PGP CEO & President Phillip Dunkelberger.

PGP Support Package for BlackBerry costs $249 per client, with volume discounts available for channel partners.

Posted on 10/10