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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Playing cricket, 3 miles up

The National Hockey League accomplishes something really special whenever it stages an outdoor hockey game in temperatures so frigid they would emasculate a simian forged from zinc and copper.  Yet as impressive as that may be, there is a cricket team in England that is about to do them one better.  The lads are going to play a cricket match on Mount Everest.


It will take the players nine days of mountain-climbing to reach their playing field, an artificial pitch on the Gorak Shep plateau in Nepal.

In the process, they hope to raise more than $350,000 for the Himalayan Trust UK and other charities.

Said one cricketeer, Mark Butcher: “It’s pretty bonkers, but anything that’s out there raising money for good causes is terrific.”

Scaling the world’s tallest mountain is treacherous work, and altitude sickness poses a genuine problem for the players.  A medical team will be accompanying them.

Posted on 02/05
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