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Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Report: IM, P2P threats on the rise

According to the results of newly released research, threats targeting instant messaging (IM) and peer-to-peer (P2P) applications rose significantly in the first quarter of 2006 compared to the same period last year.  The company examined what it calls “greynets,” programs installed on a system without permission from IT departments that are adept at evading existing security tools.  Each individual incident report represents the detection of a security issue impacting one or more real-time communications channels on one day, FaceTime said.  With 453 incidents recorded in the period, the number of security incidents was 723% percent higher in Q1 2006 compared to the same period last year.  Multi-channel propagation was 23 times more common in Q1 2006 than the same period last year.


Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and chat-based attacks continue to dominate, but their share of all attacks dropped in favor of an increasing number of P2P attacks.

In February, Waltham, Mass.-based IMlogic Inc. and San Diego-based Akonix Systems Inc. released reports showing a dramatic spike in IM threats last year and an IT community that has yet to achieve an adequate defense.,289142,sid14_gci1180006,00.html

Posted on 04/12