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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Rogue Security Apps Exceed 60 Percent of Reported Malware in September

Fortinet announced the top 10 most reported high-risk threats for September 2008.  For the second consecutive month, rogue security applications have dominated cyberspace—making up 61.5 percent of total activity for September.  Most notable is a six-day period between September 9 and 15, when W32/Inject.GZW!tr.bdr—the most prolific variant of the rogue security Trojans—launched an all-out campaign with volumes not before observed by Fortinet researchers.  Only the Storm botnet attacks in January/February 2007 came even close to the volume generated by W32/Inject.GZW!tr.bdr this past month.

Not surprisingly, with rogue security malware claiming the top four positions in this month’s Top 10 list, it also propelled the RogueSecurity family into the No. 1 position among malware family activities for the entire month.

“When we see unprecedented volume, as in the case of these rogue security applications, it usually indicates that the attacks are working, and that cybercriminals are trying to act fast to take full advantage of the situation…  In order to not fall into these traps, consumers should ensure that the source of their security application purchases are legitimate… Consumers should look out for unsolicited system messages which typically claim to find hundreds of infections, followed by purchase requests to cleanse.”

Fortinet’s FortiGuardĀ® Global Security Research Team compiled this report based on intelligence gathered from FortiGateĀ® multi-threat security systems in production worldwide.  Customers who use Fortinet’s FortiGuard Subscription Services are already protected against the threats outlined in this report.  FortiGuard Subscription Services offer broad security solutions including antivirus, intrusion prevention, Web content filtering and anti-spam capabilities.

FortiGuard Services are updated by the FortiGuard Global Security Research Team, which enables Fortinet to deliver a combination of multi-layered security intelligence and zero-day protection from new and emerging threats.

Fortinet solutions were built from the ground up to integrate multiple levels of security protection—including firewall, antivirus, intrusion prevention, VPN, spyware prevention and anti-spam—designed to help customers protect against network and content level threats.;750619918

Posted on 10/02