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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Secure Computing Unveils Cyber Security Initiative

Secure Computing Corporation, an enterprise gateway security company, today unveiled its Cyber Security Initiative, aimed at protecting critical networks, applications, assets and data from both known and unknown attacks and attackers without sacrificing availability.

Secure Computing is used by the world’s most demanding customers to virtually eliminate risks from cyber attacks, espionage or sabotage that may cause loss of life, property, economic loss and disruption or create devastating environmental disasters.

Timed in conjunction with the fifth annual National Cyber Security Awareness (NCSA) Month in October, Secure Computing’s Cyber Security Initiative kicks-off an intensive effort to provide corporations with informative research, tools, technologies, solutions and best practices vital for companies and federal agencies evaluating—or re-evaluating—their approach to critical infrastructure protection.  Critical infrastructure comprises all computer systems that can be targets of criminal threats, industrial espionage and/or politically motivated sabotage such as the power grid, water supply, railways, nuclear energy plants and more. 
Attacks on such networks can cause loss of life, threaten public safety, impact national security, or create economic upheaval or environmental disaster.  It is estimated that the destruction from a single wave of cyber attacks on U.S. critical infrastructures can exceed $700 billion USD—the equivalent of 50 major hurricanes hitting U.S. soil at once.

“Even though businesses and government agencies know they need to secure their networks, many don’t have the in-house expertise or time it takes to fully secure systems,” explained Scott Montgomery, vice president of Global Technical Strategy for Secure Computing.  “We want to elevate awareness so that they understand how to change behavior to make security a high priority.”  In the industries where security is paramount and network-to-network interconnection is the norm, security is not an option…it is a necessity.

With a unique combination of high-speed application layer defenses, reputation scores, geo-location control, and long history of no patches or hacks, Secure Computing can defend critical networks without jeopardizing their core functionality and availability requirements.  Security is needed to protect key aspects of the network: the control system assets themselves and information about critical assets.  A major urban utility company servicing over 10 million customers purchased Secure Computing’s Secure Firewall (previously known as Sidewinder) 14 years ago to protect their control network.

The data and resulting analysis will be published on the website mid-October.

Posted on 10/01