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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Securify Updates Network Monitoring Appliance

Risk detection specialist Securify unveiled the latest version of its network security appliance on May 30, promising more comprehensive behavior monitoring tools and new identity management features.  Known simply as the Securify Monitor, the newest iteration of the security appliance represents a marked improvement over earlier models based on its ability to provide more detailed network analysis reports to system administrators, according to company officials. Along with bolstered capabilities for detecting rogue internal behavior and outside attacks, the device adds expanded functions for mapping any inappropriate computer activity back to specific end users.  For instance, said company officials, whenever a laptop computer logs onto a network running the Securify device, it is automatically scanned to see if any malicious programs have been hidden on the machine, or even if its configuration settings have been improperly manipulated.

Giving customers the ability to abandon the process of studying network security logs and more rapidly identify truly dangerous behavior is just what companies are looking for today, specifically as their networks become more widely distributed among geographies and end-user communities, said Steve Woo, vice president of marketing for Securify.

The device, which comes in three models with 100MB, 400MB and 1GB link capacities, also boasts enhanced content filtering and behavior controls that add the ability to monitor end-user activity within Web-based applications, by both protocol command and by tracking URLs.  The devices allow the company, which has been using Securify technologies for roughly one year, to provide carriers and other customers with detailed security reports that ultimately help it sell its own services, he said.

Securify’s appliances compete against similar hardware from Checkpoint Security and Mazu Networks.,1759,1969322,00.asp?kc=EWRSS03119TX1K0000594

Posted on 05/30