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Thursday, June 29, 2006

Security needs vary for each industry vertical

IT managers cannot ignore secure content management (SCM), but needs vary greatly for each industry vertical, according a new report from research firm IDC.  The report says there are significant differences between verticals, such as defining business pain points, as well as the drivers and concerns for deploying this particular software.  IDC Australia security solutions market analyst, Patrik Bihammar said due to these vertical differences, vendors must have a good understanding of industry-specific trends, drivers, regulations, spending intentions and business processes in order to be successful in selling to various verticals.

E-mail pipelines will continue to be a favourite target for malicious attacks at a time when IT departments are tasked with preventing information leakage, meeting compliance standards and ensuring spam does not clog networks, servers and inboxes.

“Solutions need to cover outbound threats to cover compliance, intellectual property and theft of confidential information,” he said.  “About 80 percent of corporate IP leakage is through e-mail; also, e-mail is involved in 85 percent of corporate litigation.”;1628487510;fp;16;fpid;0

Posted on 06/29