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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Security Staffing Survey

According to our recent Security Staffing survey, IT security executives believe their organizatons are in greater jeopardy due to staffing shortages than their peers that oversee corporate security. Corporate security organizations outsource more than IT security departments and the most frequently outsourced positions were security guards and guard management, while IT security were more likely to outsource data back up and biometrics.  Stress levels Close to half (45 percent) of the security executives in our survey describe the stress level among their staff as high, while 14 percent say it’s very high.  Turnover Two-thirds (67 percent) say that turnover is not a problem in their security departments currently while 33 percent report varying degrees of turnover issues.  For those companies reporting turnover problems, salary (63 percent) and demanding workloads/burnout (57 percent) were the biggest causes.  Thirty-seven percent of CSOs say that their inadequate staffing levels are jeopardizing the security of their company’s facilities and an additional 34 percent say that while their staff is stretched, security is adequate.

Hiring When asked which positions were most frequently outsourced, survey respondents listed penetration testing (40 percent), data backup and recovery (23 percent) and biometrics (20 percent).

The “CSO Security Staffing Survey,” conducted by CSO magazine, was administered online in October, 2005.

Thirty-six percent of the survey base work at companies with more than10,000 employees while 37 percent are at companies with 1,000 to 9,999 employees.

When asked about annual gross sales, half (49 percent) of the respondents say they come from companies with annual gross sales of more than $10 billion and 26 percent reported annual revenue between $100 million and $999 million while 24 percent report annual gross sales of less than $100 million.

Posted on 02/11