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Friday, September 17, 2004

Spam most destructive in China’s Internet security

The Ministry of Public Security released on September 14 the result of the nation’s inaugural survey on the Internet information security and computer virus: the infection rate of the computers of users in China is 87.9 percent and 36 percent of the security incidents are caused by massive spam transmission.

Virus-related information of totally 7, 072 departments, including those in governments, finance, education and research, telecommunication, commerce, was collected.  Plus, over 8,400 computer users were covered.

The survey was launched by the Bureau Public Information and Internet Security Supervision under the Ministry of Public Security and the Professional Committee of Computer Security of China Computer Federation.

The survey shows that 87.9-percent infection rate among the computers of users in Chin, 2 percent up from the last year.

The most widespread computer viruses are Internet Worm virus and the viruses or vicious codes targeting Internet-browsing software: “Worm.Sasser”, “Worm.NetSky”, “Worm.Nimda” and “Digispid.B.Worm” etc. Internet-aimed destruction is on a rampant rise.

Particularly devastating but less detectable are those computer viruses stealing sensitive information of computer users, e.g. user account and password.

58 percent of the surveyed departments have had accidents in cyber security and 36 percent of the incidents are caused by massive transmission of spam.

As analyzed the main causes of Internet security incidents are: poor implementation of regulations, low security awareness, ill-trained management staff in security and a lack of effective channel of security information reporting.  Moreover security service trades incapable of meeting the needs of the society remain a tough problem.

Posted on 09/17