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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Sun To Ship Identity Management Federation Services

The availability of more advanced and secure identity management platforms and technology for connecting companies is making B2B more palatable to the corporate masses.  To that end, Sun Microsystems and Microsoft are extending their identity management platforms with federation capabilities to enable cross-company pollination.  Sun unveiled the Sun Java System Federation Manager and Sun Java System Identity Manager Service Provider Edition.

The new products are designed to allow customers to extend identity management beyond traditional boundaries to partners, suppliers, new devices and external applications, Sun executives said.

For example, Federation Manager will help customers create secure partner networks by automatically linking identities across multiple sites, said Eric Leach, director of product management for Sun Java System Federation Manager at the Santa Clara, Calif.-based vendor.

With the Service Provider Edition, customers and service providers will get a tool for automating provisioning and account registration through portals, according to Sun. Customers also will be able to create new applications and customize services from third-party providers.

The services, which are slated to be delivered in the Release 2 edition of Windows sServer, will offer cross-company authentication of users, devices and resources.  Sun executives said their company’s new federation products support industry standards and will complement Sun and Microsoft’s work to enable interoperability between their platforms.

For example, Sun’s Federation Manager supports Security Assertions Markup Language (SAML) and several standards backed by the Liberty Alliance, including the Liberty Identity Federation Framework and the Liberty Identity Web Services Framework.;jsessionid=OJO1SYHLB2MCGQSNDBNCKH0CJUMEKJVN?articleID=164901103

Posted on 06/19