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Sunday, June 09, 2013

Survey shows 79% of businesses experienced a mobile security incident in past year

The new report, The Impact of Mobile Devices on Information Security, shows that 67% of firms allow personal mobile devices to connect to their networks. 88% of devices were used for corporate email, 53% had customer data stored on them, 49% had corporate data in business apps, and 48% had network logins stored. Despite this, 63% organisations said they do not attempt to manage corporate information on employee-owned devices, and just 23% use mobile management tools or a secure container on the device. 66% of respondents said they felt that careless employees posed a greater risk than cybercriminals. Surge in personal mobile devices connecting to the corporate network - 96% of respondents say the number of personal devices connecting to their corporate networks is growing, and 45% have more than five times as many personal mobile devices as they had two years ago.


Mobile security incidents common and costly for large & small firms - 52% of large businesses report mobile security incidents have cost more than $500,000 in the past year, in staff time, legal fees, fines and remediation.

Android has the greatest perceived security risks - Android was cited by 49% of businesses as the platform with greatest perceived security risk (up from 30% last year), compared to Apple, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry.

Lost data is the biggest concern in mobile security incidents - 94% of respondents said lost information was their biggest concern in a mobile security incident; just 10% expressed concern over a compliance violation or fine.

Tomer Teller, security evangelist and researcher at Check Point Software Technologies, said: “Without question, the explosion of BYOD, mobile apps, and cloud services, has created a herculean task to protect corporate information for businesses both large and small.


Posted on 06/09