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Monday, September 11, 2006

Symantec consumer desktop upgrades likely to hit the enterprise

Symantec Corp. unveiled the 2007 editions of its consumer Norton AntiVirus and Internet Security desktop products, plus a third new offering called Norton Confidential that protects e-commerce transactions.  symantec often adds features to its consumer security software, which is sometimes purchased by small businesses, and includes those features in the enterprise editions that can be remotely managed. In Norton AntiVirus 2007, the consumer antivirus and antispyware product, a rootkit detection and eradication capability has been added that will likely become part of enterprise products.  Group product manager Craig Lane said Symantec has developed a methodology for scanning at the kernel level where rootkits attempt to lodge to detect and eradicating them. In addition, Norton AntiVirus 2007 will have a so-called zero-hour protection capability that will be updated whenever a vulnerability is identified for the Windows desktop.  While not intended to replace software patching, Symantec said this zero-hour protection is designed to block exploits that might occur before the patch process is completed.  The second upgraded product, Norton Internet Security 2007, will also adopt this rootkit-scanning technique as well as provide additional defenses, including desktop firewall and antiphishing protections. Norton Internet Security includes everything in Norton AntiVirus plus an additional firewall. Both 2007 editions run on Windows XP, with support for Microsoft Vista to be added when the new operating system ships.

One change this year is in the desktop firewall. Symantec has determined that consumers are having a hard time configuring the firewalls based on prompts, so Norton Internet Security 2007 will set the firewall’s parameters based on its own analysis of how desktop software attempts to communicate with the Internet.

Norton Internet Security will also have a new “security history” feature to display the actions the software took or even undo them if desired.

While Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security are available beginning tomorrow, the vendor envisions other consumer products for the future.

The third Windows XP-based based desktop product Symantec announced today, Norton Confidential, is a brand-new entry that was developed to protect consumers during e-commerce transactions.  Norton Confidential will block consumers from visiting known or suspected phishing sites.  While it does some target malware eradication, Norton Confidential does not contain the full antivirus/antispyware eradication capability of Norton AntiVirus.  The purpose of Norton Confidential is to protect the transactions of Web users and ensure that a Web site is genuine, not a phishing site.  “We keep score on nearly 120 different things on that Web site,” Rosenkrantz said, noting that the capability is based on the e-commerce protection technology gained through the acquisition of security start-up WholeSecurity.

Norton AntiVirus 2007 costs $40, and Norton Internet Security and Norton Confidential cost $50.

Posted on 09/11