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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Symantec to Move Security to Phone, Smart Devices

Symantec announced a significant initiative it is calling “Norton Everywhere”, aimed at busting Symantec’s security know-how out of the yellow box and bringing it to new markets.  Elements of the strategy, to be rolled out over the next few months, specifically include mobile security products for iPhone and Android, a Norton DNS service, and (relying on partner Mocana) security for a variety of non-PC “smart devices”.

Dave Cole, senior director of consumer products at Symantec, noted that the familiar Norton security products on the PC are directly related to Symantec’s enterprise-level products - the new initiative has no such connection.  “We saw all the new stuff popping up, funky new devices just using the Internet as a utility, digital picture frames, Blu-ray devices that you hope will get updates online, and so on,” said Cole.  “We have to make a big statement, enter the market quickly, and adjust quickly.”

The company will refresh this product and “make it more fabulous,” releasing a beta in June.

Also that month, Symantec will release a beta version of Norton for Android with features like scanning for bogus apps, remote wipe and lock, and caller blocking.

Site blocking at the DNS level means Norton can block malicious sites for any device - it also potentially extends the parental control offered in OnlineFamily.Norton to connected devices like game consoles.

The third element of the Norton Everywhere initiative is smart device security.

Mocana’s existing platform works with 35 operating systems and 70 different CPUs.,2817,2364208,00.asp

Posted on 05/27