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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Track Hurricanes From Mobile Handsets

The number of hurricanes have doubled over the last ten years, with meteorologists predicting another decade or two of elevated activity.  A pair of companies have new mobile applications to help the approximately 85 million U.S. coastal residents get a handle on what’s going on during the peak of the storm season, August through October. 
SurvivorSoft’s Hurricane Tracker ($18.95) is an application for Windows Mobile 5.0 and 2003 devices that monitors storms within the Atlantic Basin and Gulf of Mexico.  My-Cast Digital Cyclone, has added a new Hurricane Tracker to version 5.0 of its My-Cast mobile weather service application.  With the new feature, users can see the projected path of a hurricane or tropical storm in real-time with satellites focused directly on the eye of the storm.

According to Digital Cyclone Chairman Paul Douglas, “With the new Hurricane Tracker feature, My-Cast users get that extra margin of safety, the critical hurricane information they need delivered directly to their mobile phone, to get a head-start and take appropriate action.”

Also included are StormWatch plots and warnings for affected counties, lightning tracking and alerts from the National Weather Service given virtually as they are issued.

My-Cast features radar images that show the speed and direction of approaching weather, visible and infrared satellite imagery, plus hourly and extended forecasts for up to 7 days, the company says.  With GPS-enabled phones, location-aware My-Cast delivers data for the precise current location of the user automatically.

Posted on 08/29