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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Trend Micro Dips Into Spam

Anti-virus specialist Trend Micro is branching out into the anti-spam market with the purchase of Kelkea for an undisclosed price.

Kelkea provides an anti-spam service to a range of US-based ISPs such as AOL by tackling such content before it enters the network.

As a result, according to Fernando Rynne, Trend Micro’s global product marketing manager for Internet security, the purchase complements Trend Micro’s deal with Postini, which handles spam at the gateway.

The Kelkea service will be sold as an add-on to Trend Micro’s core enterprise and service provider customer base.

The move immediately beefs up Trend’s spam credentials and moves it closer to tackling increasing phishing and pharming scams, which it has plans to address later this year.  Trend Micro will offer Kelkea’s existing services under its own brand name, and will continue to support all of Kelkea’s current customers.,com_content/task,view/id,341/

Posted on 06/15