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Saturday, January 26, 2013

UK signs up to World Economic Forum cyber crime initiative

Foreign secretary William Hague signed up to the Cyber Resilience principles put forward by the WEF, with the UK joining over 70 companies and government bodies across 25 countries in committing to securing digital networks from cyber attacks. Hague said in a statement that public and private sector organisations must work together to ensure that business can be conducted in a safe digital environment. “We hope that signing the WEF Principles on Cyber Resilience will encourage business leaders all over the world to lead the way in creating shared principles for a resilient and thriving internet,” Hague said.

“Cyberspace must be secure and reliable so that it is trusted as a medium for doing business but at the same time free and open to evolve and innovate naturally,” he added.

Cabinet Office minister for cyber security, Francis Maude, commented that by sharing the UK’s expertise with other nations all organisations will benefit from greater protection from cyber attacks. Maude has previously earmarked £650 million for the UK’s fight against cyber crime, and last month heralded the success of the UK’s Cyber Security Strategy, claiming that “a great deal has already been accomplished”.

The EU also made moves to create a more cohesive strategy to combat the “borderless” nature of cyber criminals, announcing the opening of a European Cybercrime Centre earlier this month, enabling greater colloboration between authorities in member states.  However, the discovery of the Red October threat by Kaspersky Lab last week highlighted the extent of the challenge that faces businesses and government authorities in stemming the tide of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks.


Posted on 01/26